top 10 favorite wrestlers of 2012? — Anonymous

*Sigh* I really want to do this later.

what is queue? what is the point of it? — Anonymous

Queue is things that automatically post. ~

Favorite wwe commentator? — Anonymous

Duh Michael Cole.

what theme are you using? — Anonymous

Look below the submit button.

roman reigns — Anonymous

Not much abut him. He seems like he’d be a good powerhouse in the ring though.

dean ambrose — Anonymous

So many reasons.

Your theme and ask title wow I loooovee it. — Anonymous

Thank you. :)

Would you ever change your url one day? — Anonymous

Maybe if I wanted to. But sethrawlins is done saved by someone else so…

philbrooksismine. — Anonymous

Words can not begin to describe how much I miss her.

User: Peace-love-joyeux-Noel — Anonymous

Aaah ole Rina’s blog? I like her theme design, glad to see she’s in the Christmas spirit. :D

post of picture of your fist and color it as if you were looking through a kaleidoscope :-) — Anonymous


Love your theme but who made your icon? — Anonymous

The lovely Kim made it for me, it’s great isn’t it? :D 

post a pic of your eye in a black and white pic :-) — Anonymous

Uhhhhh what?

Didn't you used to have a section on your Tumblr for all of AJ's photoshoots? — Anonymous

I do. :3 Go to the links section. ;)